What if my child encounters an incorrect question in the question paper

This situation is highly unlikely to arise as the questions have been meticulously created and vetted by experts. However in this scenario, the student can make a note of the question and email the IMC team at support@international-maths-challenge.com after the test. Note that the timer cannot be paused for this reason. A suspected incorrect question by the student cannot be treated as a technical issue. The student will have to note down the question and continue with the test. Once student submits the question, the IMC team will get back in 2 business days on the decision. Note that till date, no question has been found faulty in the IMC exams.

Will students be able to use standard editing tools?

They will be provided enough tools for them to take the test. Also, it’s a Multiple Choice Question exam. Not many tools are required!

Can my child use a wireless mouse and keyboard?

Yes, you can utilise wired or wireless mouse and keyboards. 

What are the technical requirements of the system?

Please ensure your child uses a desktop computer or a laptop to take the test. Other devices such as iPads, tablets or mobile phones are not suitable and hence not permitted. All candidates are required to have a camera connected to their computer. If you decide to use a laptop, a 14.5” screen or larger is recommended for best results. However, a screen size of 13” or less will still be acceptable. Please ensure that your screen resolution is set to a minimum of 1280×1024. The computer should have 2GB RAM and 2GHZ processor for best results. Lower versions will also do though the efficiency may be compromised. Please ensure that the internet is uninterrupted with a minimum of 2MBps download speed.

Is my child allowed to use a calculator during my exam?

No. Use of calculators are not permitted during the test

What ID should I need to keep ready on the test day?

You won’t need ID cards on the Test Day. Instead, you need to upload the ID cards to the student portal by the deadline specified in the schedule. Typically, this deadline falls within 3-5 working days before each exam.

What if my child needs an unscheduled break?

We acknowledge that your child might require a restroom break during the test. While a brief washroom break is allowed, please be aware that the timer will continue running without pause during their absence. For security reasons, we cannot permit an absence exceeding 3 minutes.

What do we do if there is a technical issue during the exam?

If you encounter a technical problem during the test, it’s crucial to promptly send an email to  support@international-maths-challenge.com within the entire 48-hour test window. On test days, our response time is within 2 business hours. Your concern will be reviewed, and if approved by the IMC Academic Committee, you may have the option to retake the test within 24 hours. According to IMC regulations, the student’s ‘higher’ score between the two tests will be considered. Only one retake is allowed, and the retaken test will be different from the one already attempted. A dedicated day is reserved after the 48-hour test window for potential retakes.

What items can my child have on the desk/table during the test?

Although we encourage keeping the desk/table uncluttered, we do allow the use of essential stationery to facilitate the test-taking process. This encompasses items like pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, and scratchpads. However, please note that calculators are not allowed during the test. Students are allowed to have water and light snacks while taking the test.

Is the exam recorded?

Yes. The exam will be recorded. The images, audio and video will be captured and retained in the IMC repository for 2 weeks.