Math: The only subject that Counts

Numerous parents realise their child’s mathematical gaps when it’s already challenging to address them effectively. Much like any other skill, the earlier a child starts working on something—whether it’s sports, music, or math—the more solid their understanding of the subject becomes. In our interconnected world today, a robust math foundation is not only essential for excelling in standardised tests and gaining entry to prestigious universities, but also plays a pivotal role in equipping young minds to think critically, reason logically, and ultimately compete alongside their global peers for a range of coveted careers.

Mathematics isn’t solely a standalone subject; it’s intricately linked to enhancing comprehension across various other fields of study. A strong grounding in Math can lead to a profound recognition of its potential and influence. Oftentimes, students tend to shy away from mathematics and avoid delving into it. Hence, it’s imperative to nurture the curiosity of the upcoming generation, encouraging them to discover the significance of what might be one of the most vital and applicable subjects. Our aim is to assist them in embracing the notion that Math isn’t a scary discipline.

Our objectives

  • Encourage students to master their mathematical knowledge.
  • Give them confidence in their ability for comprehending mathematics.
  • Help them understand how mathematics applies in nature’s laws and human activities.
  • Develop their ability to derive pleasure and satisfaction through intellectual life.
  • Show that mathematical education is significant in every part of the world.

Here's why you can’t ignore the IMC

  • The questions asked in the test are structured in a relevant and engaging structure so that students don’t wanna run away from numbers.
  • The test is smartly designed to help comprehend the Mathematical aptitude level of your child by clearly pointing out the zones of strengths and weaknesses.
  • You will learn how your child performed against the test, against the rest and against the best. A sample score report will help you understand this better.
  • Excellent performances will be rewarded through medals, certificates, social media mentions, website citations, customised T-Shirts and of course, a heightened self-confidence.
  • Moreover, with your consent, our team will liaise with your school to recognise your child’s outstanding performance. We will furnish achievement certificates for the school’s acknowledgment of their talent. Typically, schools honour students in public forums such as assemblies or award ceremonies.

The competition questions are appropriate for the students’ age, are interesting and challenging. It perhaps provides a more fair and accurate way of assessing a candidate, as all applicants will be given a standardized test. The test is developed by math professionals with decades of experience to ensure that only the most relevant is delivered. Preparing for the test is not a burden as its syllabus is less advanced that other Challenge competitions and students can compete without any special training or advanced knowledge.

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