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  • We encourage your child to practice for the Challenge via our Test Practice Papers (TPP). If you enroll for the Challenge without procuring the TPP, you can do so by later enrolling for them via the TPG course mentioned further down the table. The TPG can be purchased anytime during the 3 rounds and comprise the 10 Test Practice Papers (TPP). The content of the Test Practice Papers (TPP) remains the same for all rounds (and OSMC as well)
  • The Enhanced Score Report (ESR) gives a detailed view of the student’s performance against the Test, against the Rest and against the Best. If you enroll for the Challenge without adding on the ESR but decide to view it later, you can enroll for the ESG program, which entitles you to the ESR after the subsequent round.
  • You can register for Round II only once you get the confirmation of eligibility from us after the results of Round I. Similarly, you can register for Round III only once you get the confirmation of eligibility from us after the results of Round II.
  • The Vouchers are to be purchased to avail of special services from IMC. Do not purchase a voucher unless the team at IMC has specifically asked you to.
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