Updates from the International Maths Challenge Updates from the International Maths Challenge

We are excited to unveil our new identity as the International Maths Challenge (IMC), marking a significant step in our journey. While our name has evolved, our commitment to fostering mathematical excellence remains unwavering. Join us in this new chapter as we continue to inspire and celebrate the world's brightest mathematical minds.

The World's largest Proctored Online Maths Challenge

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About the International Maths Challenge

The International Maths Challenge provides engaging math online tests and preparatory content to primary and middle school students worldwide. We understand that all students are different and hence we focus on all ability levels to build confidence and improve attitudes towards math and problem-solving.

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Inspiring Student stories

Discover the incredible journeys of our students who have taken on the International Maths Challenge. In this testimonial video, they share their experiences, insights, and the impact of the challenge on their mathematical journey.

Voice of Parents

Listen to the heartfelt words of parents whose children have aced in the International Maths Challenge. These dedicated parents share their insights into how this competition has influenced their children's academic journeys and overall development. Gain a deeper understanding of the profound impact of the Challenge on young minds and the support it provides for young learners.

Role of the IMC AC

The IMC Academic Committee helps us to provide a thoughtful, accurate, and fun math challenge for our students. Boasting one of the world’s most extensive and diverse networks of professional school teachers, the IMC Academic Committee plays a pivotal role in crafting exceptional tests and accessible mathematics content. Additionally, it ratifies the scores of thousands of students engaged in the International Mathematics Challenge.

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Why take the Online Math Challenge?

According to researchers, around 1.5 million additional STEM graduates will be needed by 2030 to fulfill the demands of the industry. At the IMC, we can help your child identify and prepare for STEM careers that will challenge and stimulate them.

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