For how long will my Test Practice Papers be available?

The Test Practice Papers (TPP) will be available until the date of your test, and a for a few days after that. If you are participating in the 3 round Olympiad, it will be available for a week after the final day of Round 3. 

What if I am having trouble activating my products?

In the unlikely scenario where you cannot activate the online products, write to our tech team at We will get back to you in 1 business day with a resolution.

Is it compulsory to enroll for the Test Practice Package along with the main exam?

While it is not necessary to purchase the Test Practice Package along with the main exam, the practice papers will give the student a fantastic exposure to the kind of questions expected in the test. The practice papers comprises questions which have appeared over the past few years in the Olympiad. The papers also cover all chapters in-depth while comprehensively covering all types of question types and difficulty levels. The explanatory answers accompanying the papers are thorough, offering solutions that are easy to understand and grasp.

How can my child prepare for the exam? Does it require any special preparatory materials?

Although specific practice material isn’t necessary for test preparation, our comprehensive Test Practice Package (TPP) of 10 fully solved papers offers ample practice resources to aid your child’s preparation. These papers have a wide range of questions and explanatory answers to help them understand and practice typical Maths Challenge questions. Should you require additional practice questions before the exam, you have the option to enroll in the EXP course. This course offers 7 test papers and answer keys from the 2022 edition.