Do you share the question paper after completion of the Challenge?

Questions from an Challenge are generally added to the content of our Test Practice Papers sent to students in the following Challenges. These questions, and their explanatory solutions,  get mixed with the pre-existing questions in the practice papers and older questions in these papers are retired from the set. However, for the Nov 2023 Challenge and onwards, this is to change. Stay tuned for updates on this aspect of the Maths Challenge. 

Who has access to my child’s scores?

The IMC team will have access to your child’s score for the next 30 years. This is crucial as students frequently include their academic achievements in resumes, especially within the achievement section, and we often receive requests for verification. While we might consider sharing your child’s score with the school, this will only happen if you grant consent. If you prefer your child’s score to remain confidential, you’re free to decline our request.

What does the percentile ranking mean?

The number represents the percentage of people that performed below you. Example: If 100 people take an exam and 3 people get a perfect score, all three did better than 97 test takers.  This places the three in the 97th percentile.

How long do you keep score cards?

We keep your score cards for one year from the test date. After that, your results are stored for 30 years. This proves valuable if you plan to include your achievement in your resumes and require verification of your performance for universities, employers, or other purposes. We’re here to support you with that.

What if contestants score the same?

We have different comparison parameters for Grade 1-6 and grades 7-12. For grades 1-6, if 2 students score the same, they both will be awarded the same percentile. For grades 7-12, if more than one student scores the same, then the one who has scored higher in section 3 will get the higher percentile. If that too remains the same, then the one who scores higher in section 2 will get the higher percentile. If that too remains the same then both students get the same percentile.

My child’s score seems to be incorrect. How can I get the score rechecked?

It’s highly uncommon for your child’s score to be incorrect. You’ll receive a report card detailing your child’s answers alongside the correct ones. However, if doubts persist, feel free to email us at for a score recheck.

If I purchase the Enhanced Score Report (ESR) after the test, will be able to view the Basic Score Report (BSR) online.

That will not be required. The ESR has 5 sections and the BSR is the stand alone section 1 of the ESR. 

Can I purchase an Enhanced Score Report after I register for the test

Yes you can. Just that it will cost you much higher as against registering for it along with the test.

Can I purchase an Enhanced Score Report with the IMC?

The Basic Score Card is provided at no cost with the test. You have the option to select an Enhanced Score Card during the test registration process. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase the Enhanced Score Card separately through the ESR package after registering for the test, but this will be pricier than including the ESR with the initial test registration.

If my child retakes the test, will both the scores be on the record?

No. Only the higher score between the 2 tests will be on the record