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The International Maths Challenge presents the Online Simulated Maths Challenge (OSMC).

The OSMC presents a unique opportunity for certain selected schools to test the caliber of their students against other schools around the world, all in just one round of the Olympiad.

This Simulated Challenge is entirely free for certain Schools (popularly called Selected Schools) nominated for the Simulated Challenge. The OSMC will be conducted online on June 8 – 9, 2024. (The student can take the online test any time during this 48 hour window). The complete schedule is mentioned further on this page. The syllabus and the test format remain the same as the 3-Round Olympiad.

Picking a Selected School

The IMC Academic Team conducts a thorough vetting process to shortlist a small number of schools throughout the world. The process involves assessing the academic, extracurricular and dynamic success of schools. Our proprietary, multi-criteria ranking algorithm analyzes key data indicators, as collected by the federal government.



Entry to the Simulated Challenge is restricted, and only students from Grade 1-12 belonging to a Selected School can participate.

If you want to check if your school is nominated as a Selected School, you can write to us at support@international-maths-challenge.com, or you can verify with your school management. In most cases, the school management of a Selected School informs the parents about our Challenge. If your school is nominated as a Selected School of the IMC, you can take the IMC’s Online Simulated Maths Challenge for free. 


Our outstanding students get rewarded. Here is how:

If your child scores in the top 5%ile (95th percentile) of students in the same grade, they stand to win the title of International Maths Challenge Champion.

If your child scores in the top 80th to 95th percentile of students in the same grade, they stand to win the title of International Maths Challenge Elitist.

Our Elitists and Champions stand to win Certificates, Medals and Challenge T-Shirts. The majority of our students receive their IMC certificates while being felicitated in a school assembly. Many of our winning students are featured in school newsletters and on websites, substantially boosting their confidence. These psychological boosts serve as motivation for students to put in greater effort and strive for higher accomplishments.

Additional Fees

While the Simulated Challenge is free, you can choose to enroll additionally for the

ESR – Enhanced Score Report

and/or the

TPP – Test Practice Papers

The Enhanced Score report comes at a fee of $7, while the Test Practice Papers come at a fee of $15. The combined fee is $19. You may ask, why pay for these extra services if the Challenge is free for Selected Schools?

This small fee helps support the academic and other administrative teams at the IMC. However, this is an optional fee for the additional services provided (ESR and TPP). You can choose to enroll for the Simulated Challenge without any fee.

Similarities and Differences

Here are some similarities and differences from the regular 3- Round Challenge narrated on the site.


The similarities

similarities and differences from the regular 3- Round Challenge narrated

You can read about all the above 4 points here


The differences


    Annual 3-Round Olympiad

    Simulated Olympiad for Selected Schools

  • Eligible participants

    All students

    Students from Selected Schools only

  • Number of Rounds



  • Challenge Dates

    Round 1: May 25-26,
    Round 2: June 8-9;
    Round 3: June 22-23

    June 8-9

  • Fees

    $19- $46 for each of the 3 rounds

    $0 - $19

  • Duration

    5 weeks

    1 week

Learn how to select the proper Grade

Grade selection is a personal decision that parents must make with certain guidelines. If your child has completed at least 6 months of schooling in the current grade by June 1, 2024, you are permitted to choose that grade for the exams. Additionally, you have the option to choose a grade one level lower than the current grade.

However, for children who have spent less than 6 months in a particular grade, it is highly recommended to enrol them in a grade one lower than their current grade. This ensures that the child has covered the curriculum in school before taking the test. Parents are free to opt for the current grade if they wish to.

It’s crucial to note that the final certificate will be based on the grade of the exam taken.

In both cases, the grade displayed on the student portal should always reflect the current grade. The grade you pick when enrolling on the Fees page may change based on the information provided above.

For students following the UK curriculum, Year 1 corresponds to Grade 1, Year 2 aligns with Grade 2, and so forth. Years 12 and 13 correspond with Grade 12. 

Get to know the OSMC Schedule

  • Event


  • Registrations open for students of Selected Schools

    January 15

  • Registration deadline

    June 4

  • Test Day Instructions sent to parents and students

    June 5

  • Online Simulated Maths Challenge. The test link will remain active for the entire 48 hours. However, the test needs to be taken in one sitting.

    June 8 (12 a.m EST) to June 9 (11.59 p.m EST)

  • Deadline for appeal by students and/or parents for tests which have been terminated by IMC.

    June 10

  • Verification of results by IMC Academic team

    June 14

  • Results declared by IMC. Basic Score Reports would be sent to all. Enhanced Score Reports will be sent to those who have registered for it as a part of the Courseware

    June 16

  • Results of Elitists and Champions sent to school management & photos published online

    June 26

  • Certificates, Medals and T Shirts details sent to Elitists and Champions

    June 27

Registration process

To submit your child’s application, you need to first create a login. Once you are logged in, go to the fees page or the ‘Enroll’ tab below. After selecting the student’s grade, choose a suitable courseware from one of the 4 Selected School options. These are the first 4 options in the Fee table. To avail of the selected school’s waiver, use the code sent by your school. This code will reduce the fees of all 4 options by $27, making the first option (“Challenge only – no TPP – no ESR”) cost $0. Applying the same code will also lower the other 3 Selected School courses by $27.
For any queries about the registration process, write to us at support@international-maths-challenge.com