How Tough Is The International Maths Olympiad?

Some countries have their own Mathematical Olympiad programs, and the status of IMO is kind of similar to other big international tournaments. Unlike other math competitions, competition in IMO is too high, all the high school students are eligible for IMO. It doesn’t matter to which country they belong. Every national program chooses its squad according to the performance of the exams. In major countries, problem-solving skill for IMO is like a serious business for some extraordinary students. The International Maths Challenge is one of the exams which is having the most popularity in the world. This exam aims to choose intelligent mathematics students who magnify their country’s pride and represent it at the international level.

Is It Difficult to Solve Maths Olympiad Problems?

The difficulty of the paper stems from the ease required to solve the maths olympiad questions. Problems are specially created to be solvable using elementary means using maths that students of high school can understand easily with some training. But it doesn’t mean problem-solving is easy with this sort of maths. It’s just an ability to use simple maths in ingenious ways & have insights into a problem to solve it. Here is an analogy, The International Mathematical Olympiad is that of painting in which It’s easy to learn all types of painting techniques and buy art tools that are required, but in the end, there are only a few people who will remain who can paint a masterpiece.

Tips For Preparation of International Maths Olympiad

1.     Understand the syllabus

Before starting your maths olympiad preparation you should introduce yourself with the syllabus. It is important to understand the syllabus’s structure, get the important resources, and start your maths olympiad preparation.

2.     Get the expert tutor

Hiring a well-experienced tutor can help you to prepare well for the exam. Someone who is at par with your ease level.

3.     Learn problem-solving skills

A problem-solving approach is the only one-stop solution for any exams. Thousands of students have already enrolled in IMO. It’s important to know for you to know how to solve difficult maths olympiad questions or you can consult with our expert trainers and get a brief idea of using problem-solving skills in the examination.

4.     Practice test papers

Practice online math olympiad test papers as much as you can it will help you to increase your speed and problem-solving ability.

5.     Check your progress

At last, revision is an important part of preparing for IMO. You can also make notes. They will help you to remember points while revising.

Studying and preparing for the maths Olympiad will enhance students’ logical reasoning and thinking abilities and make them move toward strong career opportunities. If you are confused about participating in the International Maths Challenge, we are here to guide you at every step of your success. Good luck!