We are a group of 20. Can we get a discount?

Unfortunately, we do have any system of group discounts. However, if you have a referral code by an affiliate or a school, you can use that to avail the appropriate discount.

My child participated last year. Do I still need to pay the full fees to participate this time?

Indeed, it’s necessary to enroll your child in the course to participate this time as well.

How secure is the site to pay?

All payments on the IMC site are highly safe and secure. The credit card numbers entered are secured via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 128 bit encryption that ensures that the site doesn’t retain any of your card details while ensuring the payment goes through. It’s like tap and go!

Will I receive confirmation that my child’s application has been received?

After registering for a test package, you’ll receive an automated email from the IMC support team confirming your payment. Additionally, if you’ve also purchased the Test Practice Package, an email with login details for your test papers will be sent to you.

What happens if my referral code does not work?

If your referral code doesn’t function, it’s rare but if it occurs, reach out to your school, which provided the code. They will assist in resolving the matter. If the problem persists, please contact us at support@international-maths-challenge.com.

Can I use the same referral code for all the rounds?

Yes. You can use the same referral code for all the rounds. However, you can book a spot in Round II or Round III only after receiving a letter of eligibility from us. Students taking the Selected Schools – Online Simulated Maths Challenge (OSMC) will be sent special referral codes for their single round Challenge.

I have a Referral Code. Can I use it to pay for my child’s IMC course?

Yes. In case you have a referral code, you can use it to avail the appropriate discount while buying a test package. Once you type in your referral code, the cart will show you the final fees you need to pay.

Can students participate as a team?

Ever since the Maths Challenge went online, we have stopped taking team entries . We accept individual entries only.

How can my child’s school get involved in this IMC?

The collaborations team will be able to support you. You can write to collaborations@international-maths-challenge.com

Is there an age requirement for my child to participate?

Although there’s no specific age requirement, the student must be currently enrolled and registered in an accredited school. Participation is limited to the grade the student is currently studying or one grade lower. More information can be found in the ‘How to select your grade’ section on the website.