My child got distracted during the test. Can I cancel the scores?

Normally, you cannot cancel the scores. However, if there is a technical issue during the test, you need to write an email immediately (check the schedule for the deadline for such as email) to Your issue will be considered and if the IMC Academic Committee permits, you can retake the test within 24 hours. As per the rules of the IMC, the student will be allotted the ‘higher’ score between the 2 tests. Only 1 retake is permitted. The test allotted to the student will be different to the one already attempted by the student.

How do I interpret my child’s scores?

The Basic Score Report will mention the test score and the answer key. The Enhanced Score Card entails your performance vs. the TEST, vs. the REST (of the students in the world and your country) and vs. the BEST (The top 10% of the students in the world and your country). The Enhanced Score Report provides the student’s knowledge, strengths, gaps, and illuminates parents with as much detail as possible on their child’s grasp of mathematical concepts mastered by their international peers. Amidst the abundance of statistics and figures in the score reports, the percentile ranking of the student undoubtedly stands out as the most significant statistic.

How will I receive my child’s score?

The score card will be uploaded on the student portal as per the schedule mentioned on this site. You will need to login and download your child’s score report.