How will you ensure that candidates are not able to cheat?

Our high tech proctored tests use a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human proctors to provide a hassle-free, yet highly secure online exam. Our automated proctoring utilizes your mic, webcam and our screen-sharing program. The proctor is a series of AI-powered computer algorithms programmed to flag certain suspicious behavior’s. These algorithms are complemented with human proctors as well.
Our AI technology uses live footage from webcam and audio from the laptop/computer to understand if the student is resorting to unfair means. The AI is trained to catch discrepancies. Here’s some of them

  • If the student moves away from the system for a considerable time, it will be reported.
  • If a second person comes within the camera frame, our AI will detect and report this.
  • If somebody else is speaking to the student or vice versa, this will be flagged by the AI.
  • If the student is reading from a different device hidden from the camera, his eye movements will be flagged.
  • If the student attempts to open another tab on his/her computer, it will be reported and flagged.
  • If a student tampers with the audio or video, it will be reported and flagged.

We understand that these rules might appear a bit daunting. However, our intention is to maintain both the test’s security and the student’s focus. As long as the student avoids any misconduct and is allowed to take the test without disruptions, everything will proceed smoothly.